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Testing and Validation

Weartest Sized


76 samples
Worn over 1.2M vertical feet

Polartec® Power Wool™: 456,000 ft

"Very impressive piece. Light weight, very comfortable, great fit, durable, and the best wicking piece I have ever worn." --Jess Matthews

Polartec® Power Dry®: 241,000 ft

"Warm layer with great range. Perfect warmth, I love this piece." --Solveig Waterfall

Polartec® Neoshell®: 213,000 ft 

“I found it to be better than any other shell I have worn on a summit climb with high wind. GREAT LAYER!” --Mike King

Polartec® Alpha®: 171,000 ft

“Action suit! Insulation that I can actually climb in. I’m changing layers less with this jacket. It’s very versatile." --JJ Justman

"We weren't sure which fabric we wanted to use in our base layers. So we built a prototype out of half Power Wool and half Power Dry, we called it the mime shirt. The team logged 118,000 vertical feet of testing and chose Power Wool fabric because of it's superior wicking, drying, and breathability." --Peter Whittaker

Vinson Fixed Rope1036Px Crop


As guides, we don’t have the luxury of calling in sick when mother nature goes nuclear, and neither does our gear. It needs to perform, it needs to be durable, and it needs to function every day. Our first phase of development alone racked up over 1 million vertical feet of elevation in a single climbing season. When we looked back through this testing, we discovered that 100,000 human-powered feet of climbing was the minimum an individual product needed to be tested to validate a design. Our 100K Promise organically evolved from this discovery. It is our internal benchmark and our promise to you that every piece we make has been refined through our rigorous process.


Express Development Machine

Our unique process, or "Express Development Machine" as we like to call it, allows us to do extensive testing and still bring product to market efficiently.

01 / Identify need

Work with user base to identify product needs. Designers are out in the field and have real-life understanding of the use.

02 / Validate concept

Whether it’s the fabric or feature in question, by relying on skilled local developers and existing silhouettes, we can quickly turn samples to validate ideas.

03 / Create prototypes

Our partnerships with manufacturers, sample makers, and fabric suppliers allows us to create workable prototypes in a short lead time.

04 / Test & Validate

Our lab is Mt. Rainier. We have 60+ guides available to test prototypes. Within days, we can employ a prototype for longer than most people would use the item over its lifetime.

05 / Final Execution

Our machine brings best in class products to the market that are fully tested so you can rely on them, no matter where your work or play takes you.